‘The Thaumaturge’에서 전투를 마스터하는 방법

지혜술사 전투 시스템은 적의 집중력을 방해하고 약해진 상태를 이용하는 플레이어들을 보상합니다. 작동 방식은 이렇습니다.

The Thaumaturge Disrupt Focus for Strategic Advantage

In the exciting world of The Thaumaturge, players will find themselves immersed in thrilling battles where they must employ strategy and skill to emerge victorious. While exploring and investigating are key elements of the game, there are times when fighting becomes inevitable. In these moments, players must understand the importance of status effects and the abilities of the main character, Wiktor, and his trusty Salutors. This guide will provide valuable information on how to effectively reduce the enemy’s focus and capitalize on their vulnerability.

🎯 How to Reduce Enemy Focus 🎯

The Thaumaturge_Strong Attack and Focus Tutorial

After regaining Upyr’s power, Wiktor gains access to the “Diversion” ability, which can reduce an enemy’s focus by 1. Upyr, the Salutor, also possesses the “Liberum Veto” ability, which not only reduces the enemy’s focus but also removes negative status effects from Wiktor. At the beginning of the game, these abilities serve as the foundation for reducing enemy focus. However, as enemies become more formidable, additional tactics will be needed.

To stack up focus reduction, players can utilize the “Thief of Thought” upgrade from the Deed section of the skill tree. Equipping this upgrade to the “Diversion” ability allows it to reduce focus by 1 if the target has the “suffering” status effect. This synergizes perfectly with Wiktor’s second Salutor, “Bukavac.” As players progress, they will unlock new Salutors like Lelek, which provide even more powerful ways of manipulating focus.

💥 How to Exploit Breakdown 💥

The Thaumaturge_Strong Attack Opportunity Tutorial

Once an enemy’s focus is reduced to zero, they enter a state known as “Breakdown.” During this time, enemies are unable to take any actions and become vulnerable to Strong Attacks. These powerful attacks deal significant damage and often carry secondary effects. For instance, Upyr’s Strong Attack not only inflicts heavy damage but also heals Wiktor for half of his missing health. On the other hand, Bukavac’s Strong Attack bestows the suffering status on all enemies. It is important to note that both Wiktor and his active Salutor can execute one Strong Attack while an enemy is suffering from breakdown, allowing players to focus down a single target.

🛡️ How to Avoid Getting Your Focus Broken 🛡️

The Thaumaturge_Bukavac Fight

While draining the enemy’s focus is crucial, players must also protect their own. Wiktor possesses Focus points that can be depleted by enemy attacks, triggering the Breakdown effect when they reach zero. To mitigate this, players should make good use of Wiktor and his Salutor’s abilities to either end the fight quickly, prevent the enemy from attacking, or restore Focus when necessary.

One early upgrade from the Mind section of the skill tree, called “Relaxation,” significantly helps in restoring Focus. Whenever Wiktor uses the ability it is attached to, “Relaxation” restores 3 focus points. This proves especially useful during longer fights where enemies repeatedly reduce Wiktor’s focus. Additionally, players can utilize upgrades like “Fortune” and “Lucky Chance” to interrupt or slow down enemy actions, mitigating damage to Wiktor’s health and focus.

🤔 Reader Questions and Expert Answers 🤔

Q: Are there any other abilities that can reduce enemy focus in the game?
A: Absolutely! While “Diversion” and “Liberum Veto” serve as the initial means of reducing enemy focus, players can unlock new Salutors and upgrade their abilities to access more powerful focus manipulation techniques. Keep exploring the skill tree and experimenting with different combinations to discover hidden abilities!

Q: Can focus reduction abilities be used strategically against specific enemies?
A: Yes! It’s essential to assess each enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. Some enemies might rely heavily on powerful attacks, while others may have high focus regeneration rates. Identifying these patterns will allow you to strategically prioritize focus reduction on more threatening foes, giving you the upper hand in battle.


Q: 어떻게 고통 상태 영향이 집중 감소에 영향을 미치나요?
A: 고통 상태 영향은 집중 감소에 상당한 영향을 미칩니다. “Desersion” 능력에 “Thought Thief” 업그레이드를 장착하면 대상이 고통을 겪을 때 집중을 1 감소시킬 수 있습니다. 이는 다른 Salutor 능력과 잘 조화를 이루며 파괴적인 콤보 공격을 만들고 집중 감소 가능성을 극대화합니다.

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“The Thaumaturge”에서 전투를 숙달하는 데 도움이 되는 팁과 요령을 익히면 곧 전투를 마스터할 수 있을 것입니다. 새로운 능력을 발견하고 경이로운 조합을 만들며 실험하는 것을 두려워하지 마세요. 적의 집중을 줄이고 붕괴 상태를 이용하는 것이 승리를 거두는 핵심 전략입니다. 이제 용감한 요술사여, 앞으로 나아가 이 게임을 정복하세요!

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