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Helldivers 2 hints at upcoming customization feature

Arrowhead Game Studios CEO responds to fan demand for armor color customization in Helldivers 2.


  • Arrowhead Game Studios CEO, Johan Pilestedt, confirms internal discussions regarding the addition of a color change customization feature.
  • Recent updates have addressed major technical issues, including crashes and server instability.
  • The studio is now focusing on future content additions, potentially including the highly requested fan feature.
  • Pilestedt remains engaged with the community, providing updates and addressing player concerns.

Arrowhead Game Studios CEO, Johan Pilestedt, has confirmed that the studio is exploring the possibility of introducing a color change customization feature for the various armor sets available in Helldivers 2. This news comes amidst a series of ups and downs for the development team, as the game gained immense popularity following its launch but faced issues such as crashes, server instability, and login problems, which marred the overall experience for many players.

However, despite these challenges, Helldivers 2 continued to grow and achieve new player concurrent milestones, prompting Arrowhead to release updates and patches to improve the gameplay. Recent updates have alleviated many major problems, including the addition of an AFK removal feature and an increased server capacity cap of 800,000 players, significantly enhancing the game experience. With technical issues becoming less pressing, Arrowhead is now turning its attention to future content additions, with a specific focus on fulfilling fan requests.

Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead, maintains an active presence on social media platforms, engaging with the community by providing updates on upcoming patches and listening to player feedback. In response to a question from a fan about potentially allowing more freedom in customization options for player characters, such as changing armor colors, Pilestedt confirmed that internal discussions are underway regarding this highly requested feature. While it is not yet confirmed, Pilestedt acknowledged that the demand for such a feature is significant, with some fans even indicating a willingness to pay for it. Currently, players can unlock a wide range of gear through the free and paid Warbonds Acquisition Center, but these items remain locked to their default appearance.

In addition to potential features, Pilestedt has addressed some of the remaining issues in the game. One such issue is the malfunctioning of the Daily Challenges system, which has been a source of frustration for players. The system, designed to reward players with Warbonds for completing specific tasks, broke following an update. Pilestedt reassured the community that the team is actively investigating the problem. While there is no timeline for when the daily challenges will be restored, players remain hopeful for a swift resolution.

Q&A: Additional Topics

1. Are there any plans for new content additions other than armor customization? Arrowhead Game Studios has expressed its commitment to ongoing updates and patches for Helldivers 2. While the focus is currently on addressing technical issues and potentially introducing armor customization, there may be future content additions in terms of new missions, weapons, or gameplay modes. The studio understands the importance of providing fresh and exciting experiences for players and will continue to listen to their feedback.

2. How can players stay updated on Helldivers 2 news and future developments? Following Arrowhead Game Studios’ social media channels, particularly Twitter and Facebook, is the best way to receive official updates and news regarding Helldivers 2. Johan Pilestedt often provides insights into the studio’s progress and engages with fans, ensuring that they are kept in the loop. Additionally, joining the Helldivers 2 subreddit or official forums allows players to connect with other fans and stay informed about game-related discussions.

3. Will there be more improvements to the game’s technical performance? Arrowhead Game Studios is fully committed to improving the technical performance of Helldivers 2. While recent updates have addressed significant issues, the studio will continue to monitor player feedback and work towards optimizing the game. Continual updates are expected to further enhance the overall gaming experience, ensuring smooth gameplay and stability.


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