Supermassive Games 직원 감축 상황 꼭 알아야 할 사항

Supermassive Games는 최근 직원 감축을 맞은 최신 스튜디오입니다.


Supermassive Games, developer of Until Dawn, is laying off employees.

Supermassive Games, the British studio behind popular titles like Until Dawn and The Quarry, is facing a major shake-up. According to Bloomberg, the studio has notified its staff of 90 imminent layoffs, with a total of 150 positions being deemed “at risk.” 🚨

The Shockwaves of Layoffs

Losing your job is never a walk in the park, especially when you’re part of a gaming studio known for its immersive storytelling and captivating gameplay. It’s like being the main character in a gripping drama, only this time, it’s not just about saving the world—it’s about saving your livelihood.

While it might be easy to dismiss these layoffs as just another unfortunate event, it’s important to recognize the impact they have on the industry as a whole. With Supermassive Games, Microsoft, Twitch, and Riot Games all making significant cuts, it feels like the gaming world is experiencing an avalanche of layoffs. 🪓

🔍 하지만 왜 이런 해고가 발생하고 게임 산업의 미래에는 어떤 영향을 미치는지 알아야 합니다?

Supermassive Struggles: A Reorganization and Its Consequences

Supermassive Games, which was acquired by Nordisk Games in 2022, has stated that the studio is undergoing a reorganization. These 90 layoffs are a part of this process, and according to Supermassive themselves, it was a decision not taken lightly. They emphasized their efforts to avoid this outcome and their commitment to handle the layoffs with respect and compassion. Kudos to them for recognizing the human aspect of these difficult decisions. 👏

Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the video game industry has seen a series of layoffs in just the first two months of 2024. Microsoft cut 1,900 positions at Xbox, citing the need to improve shareholder value. Twitch laid off 500 people, and Riot Games also had to say goodbye to a significant number of employees. It seems like the waves of change are crashing down on every corner of the industry. 🌊💥

Little Nightmares III and Beyond: Supermassive’s Future

Despite these challenging times, Supermassive Games is pushing forward with its upcoming releases. Little Nightmares III, set to be released later this year, continues the atmospheric and eerie adventure of the franchise. Fans of the Dark Pictures Anthology series can also look forward to the next installation, which promises more suspense, horror, and choices with dire consequences. 🕯️😱

Amidst all the changes, it’s worth noting that a remake of Supermassive’s hit game Until Dawn is also in the works. However, it’s important to clarify that Supermassive Games itself is not developing it, leaving fans curious about who will be reviving this beloved title. 🤔

Q&A: Your Burning Questions Answered!

Q: 게임 산업에서 이렇게 많은 해고가 발생하는 이유는 무엇인가요?

A: 비디오 게임 산업은 계속 변화하는 풍경이며, 기업들은 시장의 요구에 적응하고 재무 상태를 개선하기 위해 구조조정이나 재조직을 거칩니다. 해고는 이러한 변화의 결과 중 하나입니다.

Q: 게임 산업이 이런 해고로부터 회복하는 방법은 무엇인가요?

A: 해고는 마음이 아프겠지만, 게임 산업은 탄력과 적응력으로 알려져 있습니다. 많은 재능 있는 개인들이 새로운 스튜디오에 합류하거나 자신의 열정 프로젝트를 시작합니다. 또한, 산업의 충성스러운 팬들은 품질 높은 콘텐츠를 계속해서 지원하고 감사함으로써 지지합니다.

Q: 해고기간에 스튜디오를 지원하는 게이머들은 어떤 조치를 취할 수 있나요?

A: 어려운 시기에는 특히 게임을 구매하는 것이 스튜디오를 지원하는 가장 효과적인 방법 중 하나입니다. 게이머 커뮤니티와 소통하며 건설적인 피드백을 제공하고 그들의 작품에 대한 긍정적인 평가를 널리 알리면 이는 사람의 사기를 높이고 미래 성공을 위한 단단한 기반을 쌓을 수 있습니다.

In Conclusion: The Game Must Go On!

Change is never easy, but it’s a constant in both the gaming industry and life in general. As Supermassive Games and other studios navigate through these challenging times, it’s essential for us as gamers to show our support, understanding, and appreciation. Let’s rally together and continue to look forward to the exciting projects that lie ahead. 🎮✨


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